First posts are always weird and awkward, kind of like first dates. If you’ve found this newsletter because you were sort of interested to see if anyone was talking about games on Substack, well, hi. Someone is, and that someone is me, Monte Cook. I’ve been working professionally…
The mechanics of a game can facilitate a desired narrative, or they can drive their own narrative.
Games designed for campaigns are different from games designed for a session or two.
Let's take a look at those "in-between" aspects that are both narrative and mechanics at the same time, pretty much unique to ttrpgs. 
When should you create a mechanic for something? How will that shape the play experience?
How do you determine if there should be a rule for something in a game?
One of the most frequent types of questions I get asked is, “What do you come up with first, the setting or the system?” 
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