First posts are always weird and awkward, kind of like first dates. If you’ve found this newsletter because you were sort of interested to see if anyone was talking about games on Substack, well, hi. Someone is, and that someone is me, Monte Cook. I’ve been working professionally…
I’m getting ready to start designing a brand new game. If you’re curious, it’s the Magnus Archives Roleplaying game that we just announced. When I…
It was around 2010 or 2011. I’d been asked to lead the 5th edition D&D design team, but it was very early days. And I was on a panel at a convention. A…
I’ve been thinking about subtext in fiction writing and script writing lately and it occurred to me if you stretch the concept a bit you get a quick…
When I started at TSR in the ‘90s, 2nd Edition D&D was still in full swing. But I had started playing 15-20 years before that, with the little brown…
A game designer's not doing anyone any favors by "leaving it all up the the GM."
A different way to look at the dichotomies of game and story.
Game design is about math, but it's about a lot more than that too.
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